How does Treasure Search Partners measure success?

Treasure Search Partners focuses on several metrics


How many candidates are interviewed for the role?

This metric provides insight into one of the core values we provide to our clients. Acceleration of time to hire and a decrease in the number of hours spent interviewing and screening candidates. Treasure Search Partners submits an average of five candidates to fill a position. We have converted with as few as two candidates depending on how niche the position is.

What percentage of candidates submitted to the hiring manager are selected for interviews?

On average 90-100%, of candidates submitted by Treasure Search Partners are selected for interviews. When we submit five candidates, the hiring managers typically phone screen all of the candidates. The percentage of candidates selected for interviews is a key indicator of the efficacy of our intake session with the hiring manager.

How long does it take to present the first round of candidates?

Every search is an absolute priority and our average time to present candidates is 2-3 weeks from the search kick off meeting with the hiring manager.

How long does our candidate stay with the client company?

Treasure Search Partners goal is a minimum of 24 Months and ideally more depending on the level. Duration of employment is a metric that we actively track.

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